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Special DAP Training Announcement

Considering the current Coronavirus Guidelines and closings I am

in the process of adjusting my plans for a round of Regional Training

Sessions. With our Lodges closed for up to 8 weeks and all the

community closings and limitations my goal is to post a PDF or

PowerPoint program on our web site @ I hope to have

this to our site editors within the next 10 days, I am working to make the

presentations as easy to follow as possible while keeping it a brief and

watchable as possible. This will make it possible to view from home, please

include any other family members present.

During this challenging time, we need to understand that the issues we address in the DAP program does not stop. We are challenged to adjust our approach based on the limitations we are under, lets use this time of isolation to keep up to date on our program and be ready to resume action when we get back to normal.

Please contact me with questions or needs.

Stephen Moore

DAP State Chairman

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