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Kentucky Elks Association Drug Awareness Programs


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COVID-19 has affected all our lives and changed our world maybe forever.  We continue to deal with day-to-day changes and consequences in every part of our lives. LITTLE PUBLICIZED FACT:  DRUG OVERDOSES ARE UP MORE THAN 27% AVERAVE, UP TO 49% IN SOME AREAS!!!!!!  This is why the Elk’s Drug Awareness Program is needed.  This, and how we need to adjust the way we present our program is the foreword of the following report.

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow.  The only way we can grow, is if we change.  The only way that we can change, is if we learn.” C.JoyBell C. The Drug Awareness Program is changing.  Before I address the new let me recognize the past.


The past 5 years have seen Kentucky accomplish great things.  We have touched over 11,000 students and parents, handed out thousands of information flyers, collected over 1500 lbs. of old drugs (last 18 months), been one of only 6 states to be part of the DEA 360 program, recognized several Law Enforcement personnel for their efforts (Enrique Camarena Award), received a DEA Award for Outstanding Dedication & Support and were awarded the National Crystal Elk Award from the Grand Lodge for Drug Awareness Chairman of the Year.


To those Elks that helped and traveled many miles to assist with these efforts, thank you.  Without these Elks Kentucky would not have achieved these results.  Now to the Future.


I will have more detailed information emailed to each Lodge and Lodge DAP Chair.  The DAP Program must change to survive and grow.  This includes promoting our online site that educators, home schoolers and Elks can customize to meet changing demands. This site is ready to roll out.  It meets all National Education requirements for curriculum, core requirements and privacy.  The site is user friendly with minimal training and online based so anyone can create lessons and monitor the results. I will be approaching all ERs to build a solid system of Lodge DAP Chairman that are qualified to present these changes to educators and organizations in their area.  IN THE MEANTIME, I ASK ALL TO VISIT  Get to know the new shining star of Drug Awareness. 


UPCOMING EVENT: DEA Take Back Day on April 30, 2022.  Contact your local Law Enforcement to assist in setting up your Lodge as a collection point.  This is a major and easy event to set up and benefit your community. 


In closing, I just received an DEA ALERT on the current danger.  Counterfeit Medications are flooding the market.  These are produced overseas and can kill.  Go to and review all the available information on this new danger.  Along with the increased use of drugs due to COVID these counterfeit drugs are a one-two punch to your community.


Please contact me for assistance in your Local DAP Program.


Stephen Moore, PER

Kentucky State Drug Awareness Chairman


Elks Drug Awareness Program Newsfeed

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