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Paducah Lodge # 217 Helps Families

Paducah Elks Lodge # 217 helped 4 families travel to TVL to get some much needed training and support.

The Witte family (McCracken), the Allen family (Marshall County), the Misner family (Calloway County), and the Fryer family (Fulton County) traveled to Danville to attend the Family Learning Vacation at the Kentucky School for the Deaf. Nothing but positive comments were heard from all the families, and they were very appreciative of the Elks Lodge for helping them make the trip. All of them were happy to meet other families with similar experiences and the children were excited to meet new friends just like them!

Families enjoying meeting each other and meals together. Kids had fun with learning activities and playing with new friends.

Parents had the opportunity to learn from many presenters, including a panel of deaf and hard of hearing adults, a panel of other parents, and a virtual visit with Sheena McFeely, a deaf motivational speaker, author, creator, and YouTube sensation.

Great Job!

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