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Lodge Grants Open Soon! Be ready!

Exalted Rulers,Secretaries and Lodge Grant Chairperson, 

Here are dates for the upcoming Grants:

Spotlight Grant--June 1st---Amount $2000.00

Freedom Grant--June 1st---Amount $2500.00----There are only 325 grants available. This Grant can be submitted at 12:01am Central Time June 1st,2020.

Beacon Grant-- August 1st--Amount $3000.00

Promise Grant--August 1st--Amount $2500.00---There are only 300 grants available.

Gratitude Grant has been open since April 1st. 6 lodges have already received the their grant for the total amount of $13500.00.  

I want to sent out a big WOOHOO and THANK YOU to those lodges for being on top of their game when it comes to helping out their community with this covid-19 pandemic we fighting.

Last thing all involved with writing grants at your lodge please check the grants page daily to look for up dates.

Contacts (East)  Maranda Hill-- 859-466-2665--email

Contacts (West) Toby Haines--270-252-0218--email

Contacts Jack Brown Jr 606-831-5883--email

Thank you

Jack Brown Jr. Ky.

ENF Grants Coordinator

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