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KY Elks Launch Updated Mobile App

The Ky Elks Association is launching an updated mobile app for Ky Members. The application works in concert with the KY Elks Association State Website and links the members, blogs, events and more to bring our KY Elk members the information they need, when they need it.

You can download the mobile app here:

Some of the features in the app include:

- Push Notification to members

- Event Inheritance and Reminders

- State Directory Listing

- Inherited Security

- Private Group Features

- Announcements / Blogs

- more

The online committee has already created several private groups for DAP, Veterans Services, Soccer Shoot and Hoop Shoot and assigned virtual administrators to those groups. Groups can also be created for each District and Each Lodge and virtual administrators can be assigned to each of these for local administration and management.

Find out more at the upcoming Mid-Term Convention or text your administrator, Martin Harbolt @ 502-345-6724.

KY Elks Association Online Committee

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Was very easy to download and complete.

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