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2022 Kentucky Elks Scholarship Winners

The 2022 MVS competition sort of returned to normal this year, with our participation up over

20% from last year. In total, 340 applications were submitted. We did have at least one applicant from each lodge, and again Louisville #8 got the most applications, with 72.

In the MVS contest, Kentucky had one national finalist who made the top 20 nationwide, Tristan Sexton, who won a $20,000 award, and three national semi-finalists, who each received a $4,000 award. Tristen is the fifth Kentuckian in the last five years to be a national finalist.

The State Association generously allotted $20,000 to provide state association scholarships for eight boys and eight girls in the class of 2022

Kentucky had seven Legacy Award Winners (Children and Grandchildren of Elks) in 2022. We were guaranteed four, and the state had three additional applicants score in the top 103 entrants after the allotted scholarships were awarded.

A complete list of MVS, State Scholarship, and Legacy winners for 2022 is here.

Finally, now that things are getting back to normal in terms of in-person school activities, we would once again encourage your lodges to send representatives to the Senior nights for our MVS, State, and Legacy winners. Let your communities know how proud we are as Elks to help this kids.

Fraternally Submitted

John Snyder, PER

State Scholarship Chair

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