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Steve Moore - To My Fellow Elks

Stephen Moore

P.O. Box 221376

Louisville, Kentucky 40252


To My Fellow Elks.

Next Week I move to Virginia Beach. This move is sudden, I had not planned to

ever leave Kentucky, but family needs have made the move unavoidable. I leave

40+ years of friends, service, investment, and home behind. What the Kentucky

Elks have given me will never be forgotten. The honor of being your State Drug

Awareness Chairman from 2015 – 2023 will remain my high point as an Elk. The

lives we touched during these 8 years should be valued by every Elk in Kentucky,

We Made a Difference. To those that helped in this effort ---- THANK YOU.

It is said “Once an Elk Always an Elk”. I say Once a Kentucky Elk Always a

Kentucky Elk. I will always maintain my Lodge 8 & Kentucky Elk membership

no matter where I live. What the Kentucky Elks do for the community is needed

and each Lodge should be proud of their efforts.

I encourage each Lodge to reevaluate their Drug Awareness Program and establish

a Lodge budget for Drug Awareness in their area. There is not a more rewarding

experience than helping a family to avoid the death and hardships of drugs in their

family. Please contact Lora Forde, your State Drug Awareness Chairman for


I would be neglect if I did not thank and recognize Lyndon Lodge 2052 for my

start in Elkdom. The members of Lyndon supported me and gave me the

opportunity to advance in the Elks. There is no way I can name everyone, but I

have to say Richard & Helen, Brenda & Solly, Cowboy & Sara, Tom & Ann, and

Terry Brooke made my path possible. The path was rough at times but looking

back their support was appreciated.

I hope to see everyone in February in Louisville as we install Greg Swinney as

State President at our State Convention. “I hope to avoid the Virginia Boarder


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