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Social Media Marketing - Is Your Lodge Media Campaign Solid?

Social Media Marketing can bring great benefits to our Elks Lodges and can be a challenge for many local lodges. The Spirit and Intent of a good social media campaign is to share with our communities the great work our lodges do and can result in many positive impacts for the lodge. It can increase membership, increase membership retention, increase volunteerism to assist with grant fulfillment and many more. Below is a social media disclaimer from Grand Lodge Marketing for managing our local lodge social media. We encourage each lodge to use this disclaimer on your social media platforms and share these with your members.

Ultimately a solid social media campaign will build a reputation for your lodge with a positive, inspirational and welcoming message. Special emphasis can be placed on those events that are open to the public to encourage community involvement. When your lodge fulfills a grant or completes a community project, share that on social media with a positive message the speaks specifically to the impact on the community. When a social media campaign meets this spirit and intent, encourage your membership to share on their social media platforms. This will result in increased visibility for the lodge and provide the lodge with a positive community reputation.

Recommend using the following disclaimer on your social media platforms and share these with your lodge members.

By RICK GATHEN, Membership and Public Relations Manager

Please consider using the following social media disclaimer for your Lodge:

We reserve the right to remove comments and or materials from the Elks Lodge social media when those comments:

Are hateful or mean-spirited. Are potentially libelous, obscene, or sexually explicit. Are personal attacks, or involve profanity or insults. Are private or public information published without Lodge consent. Violate any law or promote the violation of any law. Contribute to or encourage discrimination or harassment. Display photos of Members drinking or smoking, or considered harmful to the Elks’ image and reputation. Contain the names of minors. Divulge Lodge business that may violate your Obligation. Are not positive and informative.

We reserve the right to terminate someone’s ability to post when any of the aforementioned has been posted.

Don’t dive in head first. Social media beginners should focus on a few things and do them well. Don’t accept non-Members as friends. Don’t post photos of Members drinking or smoking. Don’t post photos that may be “harmful” to the Elks image and reputation. Don’t post names of children. Don’t post Lodge business that would be in violation of your Obligation.

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